Ground Loop EP (The Bunker New York 008)

by Atom™



Uwe Schmidt is one of the most prolific contemporary electronic musicians of our era, with over 200 releases produced under a dizzying array of aliases. Perhaps his most well known and celebrated project is Señor Coconut, of "Cha cha cha" Kraftwerk cover fame. We've heard many dozens of Uwe's releases and consider more than a few of them to be Bunker classics that are in constant rotation at both our house and on our dancefloor.

When we first heard his compilation of tunes organized as a satirical history of acid house released under the Atom™ moniker - “Acid Evolution 1988-2003”, we started hounding Uwe about performing this material live at The Bunker. We eventually got him to perform an improvised live hardware set with Tobias, then were lucky enough to have him perform his A/V set for us, and most recently were treated to a solo techno set of the Ground Loop material just last year.

We asked Uwe to flesh out a few of the clips he’d put online of Ground Loop material with a view to releasing a record for The Bunker and two days later these two monsters landed in our inbox. Two brand new Atom™ dancefloor acid explosions that stand alongside the best of his work. Enjoy!


released November 15, 2014

Mastered by Neel at EnissLab
Cut at Prarie Cat
Pressed at Brooklyn Phono


all rights reserved


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