History of Discipline EP (The Bunker New York 011)

by Løt.te

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We're Eternal
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We're Eternal This is sick. Perfect mix of blurred, emotional ambient melodies and straight bangin hard beat. Love this record, can't wait to drop it in the club Favorite track: History of Discipline.
Michael Horodnicki
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Michael Horodnicki HUGE SOUND I love this record Favorite track: A Mutable Constant.
Nic Brown
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Nic Brown Mehmet Irdel cut his musical teeth on power electronics so, as you'd expect, his techno makes waves. Massive, skyscraper-high, island-swamping, tsumami-type waves to be exact. Sledgehammer kicks, like the beating of a cyborg's heart, form the backbone of the title track and whilst "A Mutable Constant" is marginally more restrained, its keening synths are anchored by a thudding percussive pulse that hammers away at your cerebral cortex for a full ten minutes. Techno with balls (of steel). Favorite track: A Mutable Constant.


The Bunker New York is proud to announce the second EP from Mehmet Irdel, also known as Løt.te (pronounced Loat-tey), following his debut release on our label in 2014. Løt.te's “History of Discipline” EP features two distinct moods and detailed, industrial-inspired sound design with a firm focus on the dancefloor.

"When I discovered the heavy, dark techno coming out of the U.K. and Japan in the '90s and '00s, like Regis, Surgeon, Female, and Takaaki Itoh, it was a revelation," Irdel says. "Until then, I hadn't realized that techno could reference the grittiness and physicality of industrial music and make it work so well, and feel natural on the dancefloor." These muscular, upbeat techno artists are the perfect reference point for Løt.te's music, but Irdel takes his work one step further, featuring an emotional complexity that many other producers lack. "I'm interested in techno that feels both masculine and feminine at the same time," says Irdel. "These days, most techno feels either very intricate and clean, or very noisy and macho. What interests me is finding an in-between."

True to its name, "History of Discipline" is the darker track here. Built on a foundation of heavy, swinging kick drums and shuffling hi-hats, the track builds to an enormous climax before winding down into a rattle of metallic percussion. "A Mutable Constant" is more ambiguous, featuring a rubbery bassline and steadily-building background percussion - until a moody, longing synthesizer pad begins to take center stage. "I don't honestly know where the emotion in 'A Mutable Constant' came from. That wasn't the plan when I started working on it," recalls Irdel, "but I incorporate a mix of analog synths into my productions, like the Korg MS-20 or Doepfer Dark Energy, and their sounds sometimes surprise me. My production process begins and ends with a computer, but I love being able to have that '90s analog sound' in my work. I'm very conscious of not having any 'overly digital' sounds in my tracks."

Løt.te's latest EP embodies the spirit of techno while simultaneously pushing its sound forward. "Techno, for me, is an experiment in human perception. A way to find the fringes of perception in rhythm, melody, and emotion, to push all the way to the edge, to find the breaking point. I'm trying to push techno's boundaries without ever losing sight of 'what makes techno techno': its restraint and groove."


released May 18, 2015

Mastered by Neel at EnissLab
Cut at Manmade Mastering
Pressed at Quality Record Pressings


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