Scale No Flam (The Bunker New York 023)

by Gunnar Haslam



Like many of us, Brooklyn-based producer Gunnar Haslam has long been drawn to acid. Following two releases on The Bunker New York alongside Tin Man as a part of their improvisational Romans project, Gunnar returns with “Scale No Flam”, his first 12” single for the label. Scale No Flam is both a love letter and a demonstration of why he can’t stop getting lost in the sound. According to Gunnar, “acid is just one of those things that creeps into your life and consumes everything around you - a psychedelic and textural approach to music that is simultaneously intense and smooth.” While acid has come to be defined by the Roland 808 and the 303, the hardware alone can’t define the feeling, and Gunnar believes “You don't need a 303 to make acid, you just need an open ear and an open mind.”

After getting Mike Servito, Justin Cudmore, Derek Plaslaiko, and Bryan Kasenic all running to the booth to see what the fuck was playing at various times when Gunnar was dropping the unreleased “Scale No Flam” in his DJ sets throughout 2016, we had no choice but to press it to vinyl. Gunnar tells us he was playing around with trying to replicate the bass line of Heaven 17’s 1982 classic ‘Let Me Go’ when “things kinda mutated.” The A side is completely Gunnar’s own with a dominating acid line providing the backbone to a flangey work-out that is simultaneously totally crazy and totally logical. On the B side, fellow Brooklynites and co-members of the Hot Mix DJ crew, Mike Servito and Justin Cudmore add their perspective with a remix that draws out the hidden angular funk.


released March 17, 2017


all rights reserved


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